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We’re small and diverse group on mission: to help people discover the events happening around them. Hundreds of events happens in our city, but its difficult to find them out. Events Bahamas helps you do that..!! We are the connecting bridge between users who are looking for events and event promoters who are in search of their audience. There’s always a bigger picture. All facets of event marketing needs to be understood and we cover the gamut.

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On the homepage you can find all links relating to

These links include: home, search, all cateorgies, login/signup,  add listing direct link. The search form, featured listing, featured listing categories, and information on Events Bahamas will be available. 


Search for anything using our advanced search system, this system comprises of a search box, category and price filters so you can get what you are searching for. You can search by category, and/or price. Additionally, you can enter text into the search box and see the item show up right in front of you.

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Skip all the searching and jump straight to your category and see all items of interest show up. Simple click a category and website does the rest.

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For Registration 

You will be required to enter a username, a valid email, a working phone number and a secured password, please read and accept privacy policy to continue. Right after an email will be sent to the email you entered upon registration, you will be required to activate your account but following the instructions within email.


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Login is simple, enter your password and username/email and press enter or continue. 

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Reset Password

Forgot your password no worries, simple select the forgot password link, and enter the email that you entered upon registration and a password rest link will be sent to you.

Add Listing

Add a listing by clicking on the add listing button located on the navigation menu, or by going into dashboard and selecting the add listing button. You will be prompted to add listing name, select which category you would like the listing to go to, add a description, add price (optional), add images of listing (optional), add documents (optional) and add location of listing (optional).


Additional information:
You can upload twenty (20) images, and ten (10) documents word or pdf. 

My Listing

See all your listings right here, you can edit, delete and pause listings from here.


Send and receive private messages right here, answer any potential client’s questions and communicate from the comfort of your dashboard.


Control your account from the settings tab. Change your display name, change your phone number, activate WhatsApp, add a profile description, add an address, add a profile image, add your social media links, change your password, and change your email.

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